Preview of coming attractions

Planet Comicon website
We launched a new Planet Comicon website in the fall of 2014. (click to enlarge.)

I’ve learned a lot about event marketing through Planet Comicon. I’ve started thinking about the best way to share my insights. I’m crafting a presentation titled “The Superhero Secrets of Comicon Marketing.” It’s all about how to promote events that “leap tall buildings in a single bound!”

Our online community is always eager for updates, and I’ve enjoyed testing various techniques to build our community and drive engagement. In the past several months we’ve launched a new website, rolled out event management system, and refined our approach to social media and email marketing.

As a sneak peek, here are some of the topics I’m developing for the presentation:

  • Secret Origins: How Stan Lee Invented Social Media Marketing in 1962
  • Alter Ego: The intersection of nerd marketing and sports marketing
  • Utility Belt: Tap into your most effective tools and attributes
  • The Bat Signal: Communicating to the right audience
  • Team-ups: Enlist the strongest allies
  • X-Ray Vision: Using powerful images to magnify your reach
  • Battle of Champions: Using game incentives to achieve goals

I won’t be able to really finish the presentation until after the event in March, but I’m doing my best to take notes and highlight good statistics to include as case study elements.