I want to thank the academy…

At the podium as El Presidente.

No, I didn’t actually win an award, but I feel like I did.

Today I was inducted as the new President of the Kansas City Direct Marketing Association. This is really an honor. I’ve been attending KCDMA functions for years, and was first invited to join the board four years ago. During that time I’ve served in a couple of roles related to programming — a major responsibility that involves booking and promoting eight luncheon events over the course of the year. I was truly surprised to get the call from the nominating committee with an offer to step into this role.

The KCDMA is one of the oldest direct marketing organizations in the nation, getting its start back in the 1940s. My predecessors in the role have included luminaries in the various disciplines of data-driven marketing: Bob Stone, Martin Baier, Jack Schmid, Earl Hogan, Pat Freisen, Lois Boyle-Brayfield, and many others. Just to have my name appear in the same list as those folks feels like I’ve pinned on a gold medallion.

As I look at the year ahead, I will challenge myself and the board to continue and amplify the work we’ve been doing over the past few years. It’s ironic that principles of direct marketing — direct offers with measurable results — have never been in more widespread use, but that many of today’s direct marketers don’t even think of themselves as direct marketers. The KCDMA needs to ensure that young marketers who work in social, mobile, interactive channels understand that they are a part of our community and that the KCDMA is for them.

KCDMA LogoMy goal is for us to expand our audience, enhance our content, and to get value for the association by providing value to Kansas City’s marketing community.

This is going to be much easier to accomplish because we’ve assembled an outstanding Board of Directors for the year. The sixteen members of the 2013-2014 board are some of the most energetic and creative professionals representing Kansas City area companies including Sprint, BKV, ColorMark, emfluence, and Plattform Advertising.

I’m looking forward to a wonderful year with the KCDMA. Be sure to join me at some of the events!