Adventures with Microsoft

Kirk Chritton at Microsoft
My Microsoft screen debut.

MCH’s relationship with Microsoft has truly blossomed. We’ve been working closely with the product team that’s developing PowerMap and other tools in the Power BI suite. In fact, CEO Peter Long and I traveled to Redmond this fall to record a video for the Microsoft folks.

After a few rounds of edits, it’s really powerful. Now we’re just waiting for the big reveal, and I’m dying to share it. As soon as it gets the green light, I’ll post it here. Watch. This. Space.

MCH Infinite Access 2.0 now available

It’s official. MCH Strategic Data is revealing the K-12 market like never before with MCH Infinite Access 2.0. Our online market intelligence and sales lead tool has been my primary focus for 2012, and its now better than ever. It’s been re-engineered with HTML 5 technology which makes it mobile-friendly and also provides enhanced speed and crossplatform consistency. You can read more about it over on the MCH blog.