Preview of coming attractions

Planet Comicon website
We launched a new Planet Comicon website in the fall of 2014. (click to enlarge.)

I’ve learned a lot about event marketing through Planet Comicon. I’ve started thinking about the best way to share my insights. I’m crafting a presentation titled “The Superhero Secrets of Comicon Marketing.” It’s all about how to promote events that “leap tall buildings in a single bound!”

Our online community is always eager for updates, and I’ve enjoyed testing various techniques to build our community and drive engagement. In the past several months we’ve launched a new website, rolled out event management system, and refined our approach to social media and email marketing.

As a sneak peek, here are some of the topics I’m developing for the presentation:

  • Secret Origins: How Stan Lee Invented Social Media Marketing in 1962
  • Alter Ego: The intersection of nerd marketing and sports marketing
  • Utility Belt: Tap into your most effective tools and attributes
  • The Bat Signal: Communicating to the right audience
  • Team-ups: Enlist the strongest allies
  • X-Ray Vision: Using powerful images to magnify your reach
  • Battle of Champions: Using game incentives to achieve goals

I won’t be able to really finish the presentation until after the event in March, but I’m doing my best to take notes and highlight good statistics to include as case study elements.

Helen Slater Interview

I was pleased to interview actress Helen Slater at Planet Comicon 2010. She is an amazing actress who was one of most popular stars of the ’80s and ’90s, with lead roles in films including Supergirl, The Secret of My Success, Ruthless People, and City Slickers. In this conversation, we cover her career and the movies she’s made with actors like Peter O’Toole, Bette Midler, Christian Slater, and Michael J. Fox.

Thanks to Jason P. Hunt and the team at for recording and posting this interview.